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One of the greatest things about a home theater is its ability to bring family members and friends of all ages together for an activity everyone can enjoy. While the state of computer animation has improved by leaps and bounds, studios have realized that films need to go beyond pretty graphics and kiddy jokes. For a modern animated title to create a generation-spanning mega-hit, studios have started focusing on story as well, with themes and jokes crafted to appeal to a broad range of viewers.


One of the more entertaining non-Pixar/Disney offerings in recent years was 2014’s The Lego Movie, where Warner Bros. assembled a terrific cast and delivered a visually stunning story that appealed to even non-plastic-brick fans, garnering a whopping 96% on Rotten Tomatoes. One of the film’s unexpected stars was Batman, played by Will Arnett with perfect dark, brooding angst, 110% self-confidence, and a sense of self-aware humor missing from the recent live-action films.


My pick for movie of the week is the 2017 followup, The Lego Batman Movie. If the title didn’t give it away, this film focuses entirely on the Dark Knight’s life in Gotham and his eternal struggle against a horde of villains. But unlike the recent spate of “How dark can we make it?” superhero movies, this is a Batman film the entire family can enjoy, including a Joker voiced by Zach Galifianakis, and Ralph Fiennes tackling the stately-yet-parentally-challenged Alfred.


The 4K HDR image is absolutely stunning, revealing amazing detail in every frame and glistening with an array of colors that pushes the boundaries of the Rec. 2020 standard. Equally impressive is the reference-quality Dolby Atmos soundtrack, which takes full advantage of the ceiling speakers to immerse you in a full 360° soundfield.


While fans of the Batman franchise will especially find plenty to lovewith some great tongue-in-cheek references to previous entries in the seriesthe Batman writers have crafted a humorous story that works on multiple levels and appeals to non-Bat-fans as well. Subtle jokes like a SWAT team ordered to use stun weapons shouting, “Yay! Non-lethal!” as well as a glimpse into Batman struggling with his home theater system can’t help but bring a smile to your face.


Available for immediate download from the Kaleidescape Store, The Lego Batman Movie is a film you can use to show off your theater to any audience.

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